Library and Reference Service.

                    The Meghalaya legislative Assembly Secretariat has a fairly well equipped Library for the use of Members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly. It is situated on the Southern wing of the Secretariat premises and remains open during office hours on all working days. During Sessions of the Assembly its working hour are changed according to the exigencies of the requirement.

                        The Library has about 10,000 books covering a wide range of subjects including Law & Parliamentary Affairs, History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Literature and fiction and non-fiction novel section. Besides, the holding of the Library include reports of different Committees and Commissions, Central & State Acts, Rules and Regulations, Gazettes of the State Government, Debates of Indian Legislature etc. The selection of books is made by the Secretary himself and on the suggestions of the Library Committee. Preference is proposed to be given to the selection of books of parliamentary and Constitutional interest.

                        The Legislature Library has an up-to-date card catalogue for official use. Regarding classification of books, the library has adopted the decimal classification system of Dewey.

                        Quick reference is available to the Members of the legislature. As an aid to reference work the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Library proposes to once again maintain press clipping services and documentation work on all current and important subjects. The clippings include editorial articles and news items of important newspapers.

                        The press clippings, like other reference Literature in the library are not issued out. They can only be consulted in the Library.

                        Members of the legislature and the Gazetted Officers of Government Department only are provided with the facility of borrowing books from this Library. No subscription is charged. Bonafide Research Scholars however will be allowed to use the Library for the purpose of study only, after first obtaining permission from the Secretary.

                        The issue of books from the Library is regulated by a set of rules which may be seen in Part II of this book.







In - Journal

Local News Paper

(1)   Journal of N.E.C. (1)  Meghalaya Guardian (1)  Panorama
(2)   Journal of Parliamentary Information (2)  Shillong Times (2)  Meghalaya Gazette
(3)   L. S. Journal. (3)  The Sentinel (3)  India Today
(4)   Journal of Parliamentary &  
       Constitutional Studies


(4)  Data India
(5)  Parliamentary Library Bulletin

Law Journals

Khasi :

(6)  Link
(1)  Supreme Court Journal (1)  Rupang (7)  Indian Bradshaw.
(2)  All India Services Law Journal (2)  Dongmusa (8)  Focus.
(3)  Criminal Law Journal. (3)  Mawphor (9)  Scala, Span, Soviet Land.
  (4)  Peitngor (10) Front line.

Garo :

(11) Yojana.
  (1)  Salantini Janera (12) Indian Railways.

National News Paper :

(13) Comparlist.
  (1)  Times of India (14) German News Telegraph.
  (2)  Indian Express (15) Guardian.
  (3)  Telegraph (16) Kerala Calling.
  (4)  Statesman (17) Kusukshetra.
  (5)  Financial Express (18) Reader Digest.
  (6)  Hindu (19) National Geographic.
  (7)  Economic Times (20) Parade
    (21) News Week.
    (22) Time.
    (23) Public Opinion
    (24) N.E. News
    (25) Vigyan.
    (26) Asian Recorder.
    (27) Indian recorder.
    (28) The Week.


Short title Commencement.


These Rules shall be called the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Rules.


They shall come into force at once.


In these Rules :-
(a) 'Assembly Library' herein after referred to as the 'Library' means the Library of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shillong.
(b) 'Members' means a member of the Legislative Assembly.
(c) 'Secretary' means the Secretary to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.
(d) 'Assembly' means the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Section of Library. 


(a) The Library shall offer facilities for study and research also arrangements for lending books to the members of the Assembly.
(b) The Library shall consists of two sections, namely the lending section and the reference section.
(c) Books shall be issued on Loan only from the Lending section. All books kept in the reference section shall not be issued under any circumstances.

Working Hours. 


The Library shall open during the inter-session on all working days, except Saturdays and holidays, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Provided that during sessions of the Assembly, its working hours may be fixed by the Secretary with due  regards to the working hours of the Assembly Secretariat.

Use of the Library. 


(a) No person except members shall be entitled to use members' Reading room.
(b) Magazines and Newspapers kept in the member Reading room are not to be removed under any circumstances.

Admission to the Library. 


(a) The following classes of person may also use the Library for the purpose of study and reference, namely :-
  (i) All members of the Parliament representing the state of Meghalaya ;
  (ii) Officers and staff of the Meghalaya  Assembly Secretariat ;
  (iii) Officers and Heads of the Department of the Government of Meghalaya as authorised by the Secretary, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly ;
  (iv) Subject to Assembly Library Rules and Library facilities for study and research in any Parliamentary subject as may be authorised by the Secretary with the approval of the Speaker ;
  (v) Accredited press reporters or representatives of Newspapers as may be authorised by the Secretary with the approval of the Speaker during the session ;
(b) Books may also be lent to officers and staff of the Assembly Secretariat under specific authority of the Secretary.

Restriction in Library. 


The use of the Library shall be subject to the following restrictions :-
(a) Silence shall be strictly observed in the library ;
(b) Sticks, umbrella, Newspaper, books, boxes, and other receptacles and such other articles as are prohibited by the Library staff shall be left at the main entrance ;
(c) Smoking in the Library is strictly prohibited.
(d) No person shall write upon, underline, make any mark, or in any other manner deface or damage any book, manuscripts, maps belonging to the Library ;
(e) Persons using the Library shall, before leaving it, return to the library of his assistant the books, manuscript maps or papers which they had taken for reference.

Issue of Book Library. 


(a) Books may be issued from the Library on loan at a time for a period not exceeding fifteen days, but under no circumstances shall any book remain with the member for more than one month.
(b) Not more than two books shall be issued on loan to a member. However, in a special circumstances a member will be entitled to borrow additional  two books during the session for a period of seven days. The member shall be responsible for the returns  of books to the Library after expiry of the before said period.
(c) In the event of a book or other publication issued on  Loan to a member required for any important or urgent purpose or reference the Librarian  may recall it at  any time and it is incumbent on the member to return the same.
(d) only one book at a time may be issued to entitled person under rule 7(b).



(a) Any member requiring a book or other publication which has been issued may get his name registered with the Librarian in a register kept for the purpose and it shall be the duty of the Librarian to supply such books other publication to a member in order of priority.
(b) books from the Library  shall be issued against library cards only.
(c) each member will be given two Library Cards on the basis of which books will be issued. If one book is issued, the member shall hand over one of his cards, and two books are issued at the same time, both the cards shall be handed over to the Assistant/Library Attendent. These  cards will be given back to check at the time of return of the books.
(d) No books shall be issued to any member who does not produce and handover his cards against which books may be issued.
(e) The validity of the cards shall be determined by the secretary.

Duration of book and periodical. 


 If a book or other publication is not issued returned to the Library after the expiry of the date on which the book was due for return, the librarian shall request the member concerned to return the same. But after a lapse of  reasonable period of time and the book is not returned, the Librarian  shall issue a reminder giving the member concerned fifteen days to return the book failing which it shall be assured that the book is lost, and necessary step shall be taken to recover the cost price thereof.

Book damaged. 


(a) A member shall be responsible for any damage caused to the books, reports or other Library property lent to him and shall be required to replace such books or property, or to pay requistion charges thereof.
(b)  when borrowing a book member shall satisfy  himself that the book lent to him is in good condition. if it is not, he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian or in his absence, the person in-charge of the Library lest he be held liable for the damage. Once a book  is accepted by a member, it shall be presume to be in good condition.
(c) when  the cost price of any book lost or not returned or damaged is to be recovered from a member, a requisition shall be issued to the member requiring him to pay the price within ten days from the date of receipt of such requisition. Such requisition shall be issued under the signature of the Secretary may proceed to recover the same either from his pay bill throught a retrenchment slip to be issued by the Accountant General.



(a) encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Books on Art, categories Painting and other Illustrated Books, Rare Books, in Volumes, Books out print, Books of Reference, Costly Books Files or Newspaper ( current and back number), shall be kept in the reference Section, and shall not be issued on any kept in the Reference Section, and shall not be issued on any pretext whatsoever. The books kept in the reference Section are to be used exclusively for the purpose of reference inside the Library. Provided that the member may requisition any books kept in the Reference Section  for use inside  the House during  sessions, and such book may be issued only on the specific authority of the Secretary. The member shall return the book immediately to the Librarian before the House rises for the day. In case of non-return of the book, the value of the book or the set thereof shall be realised from the member.
(b) Books reports pertaining to a Bill or resolution or other matter which is either under discussion or is to come up before the House may not be loaned from the library so long as the matter is pending consideration the house.
(c) New books or publications other than those mentioned in sub-para (a) above will be displayed in a separate self marked "New Arrivals" and shall not be issued until after one month of their having been so displayed.

Books be issued to member on authorisation. 


 In case a member is unable to come to the library himself he may obtain books, report etc, on loan through an authorised agent provided  that in such cases the book may be issued subject to the provision of Rules 10.

 Physical verification of Library. 


(a) There shall be a physical verification to the stock of library after session, or at any time, if it is considered necessary by the Library  committee or the Speaker, and during this period no books will be issued to members.
(b) The physical verification should be done preferably by an independent authority to be nominated by the Speaker.

Suggestions book


(a)  A suggestion book shall be kept in the Library welcome suggestions from the members of the legislature for the improvement of the  Library.
(b) a visitor's Book shall be maintained welcoming suggestions and comments from distinguished visitors. 

Strangers not accessible to the Library.


 No person except those permitted under these rules shall have access to the Library.



 The librarian will be held liable for any book found missing on physical verification and which has not been issued to any person.